Think Twice: Be Nice

I am not a particularly avid reader. Although I do savor the moments when I have one of those I cant put this thing down kind of books, I simply just dont have the time most days to commit to reading. Rarely do I actually get to relax while being in college, working and balancing my social life; however, when I do read, its incredibly calming. While I love technology, this is one area where Im rather old school. For me, the feeling of a book and turning its pages is richly satisfying.

Recently, I began reading a book called The Book of Nice: A Nice Book about Nice Things for Nice People by Josh Chetwynd. It talks about the lost art of being nice and how/where nice gestures originated. Did you know that blowing kisses began as a way of expressing religious devotion by sending essentially a long distance smooch to sacred objects? Of course, as you know, it is nowadays considered a very informal and cute way of sending someone some love.

Learning the history of being nice, for me, generates a higher appreciation for the art. It is often a characteristic that is overlooked because unfortunately, as humans, we are naturally more aware of our lousy or dramatic experiences rather than the positive ones. However, if we pause and realize the truly nice things in lifefamily, love, friendship, laughterthen we realize that nicety is at the core of them all. Whether its in a professional or personal way, being nice is vital to the success of any relationship or individual well-being.

Never underestimate the power of being nice. It may not be the characteristic that stands out among the rest, but it sure is one of the most reliable and everlasting ones.
So I challenge youhave you done something nice for someone today?


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