Tooth Fairy

Not more than a day or two goes by without hearing Jack say, ďmy tooth is loose!Ē or ďI lost a tooth!Ē So I jump up and check out his mouth. Without fail all of his teeth are still there and arenít even close to being loose. But because he is now 5 and some of his classmates are losing their teeth, he is getting anxious for a tooth to pop out and more importantly, a visit from the Tooth Fairy.

When I was little the Tooth Fairy left spare change under my pillow, never adding up to more than $1.00. When Ty lost his first tooth a few years ago the Tooth Fairy was caught off guard and left $3.00 for him. She really hadnít put too much thought into what that would cost her over time with two more siblings that would lose teeth after Ty. Which got me thinking, with three kids, how much is the Tooth Fairy going to dole out in our house over the next few years? After some calculations I figured out at $3.oo a tooth our Tooth Fairy will be out $180 after all the kids are out of baby teeth. Thatís a lot of money! So I did a little research to see if our Tooth Fairy was way off target or not and here is what I found:

According to the 2013 Visa Inc.ís annual survey -

  • In 2012 the average per tooth was $3.00 (right on target)

  • In 2013 the average per tooth went up to $3.70 (a 23% increase!)

  • Some families admit their kids get $20.00 or even up to $50.00 a tooth

So I guess our $3.00 isnít a huge amount in comparison, especially since the amount seems to be rising every year. Ty seems thrilled with it so far and I canít wait to see Jackís reaction the first time the Tooth Fairy pays him a visit. Until then, I am sure there will be many more false alarms to come!

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