Valentines Day

Many people refer to Valentine’s Day as a “Hallmark Holiday” but I love Valentine’s Day and think of it as great opportunity to let the important people in my life know how much I love them.  But I also like to keep the holiday simple and stress free.  My husband and I don’t buy expensive gifts for each other (I actually remind him each Valentine’s Day to NOT buy me flowers, they are too dang expensive this time of year and I’d rather receive them “just because” some other time of the year).  Instead of buying gifts and going out to a big fancy dinner (with everyone else in town) we choose to stay at home and spend “the day of love” (as I like to call it) with our little family.  We exchange cards, buy small treats for each other and the kids and make a nice dinner (steak is our family favorite, even our kids love it).  We also like to do something fun for dessert- make ice cream sundaes or even some chocolate fondue.  It’s low key but also so much fun to be with each other and celebrate our love for one another.

I’ve been finding a lot of fun (and affordable) ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  Here are a few new ideas I might try this year:

  • Take a deck of cards and print out 52 reasons why you love that person.  Stick one reason to each card and give the deck of cards your loved one.

  • Cut the kids’ lunch sandwiches into hearts.  Or cut a heart into their morning toast and crack an egg into the heart and cook it.

  • Write a love message on the bathroom mirror.

  • Sneak a card and treat into my hubby’s briefcase before he leaves for work.

  • Get a few helium filled balloons and hang a message from each one.  Sneak them into the kids’ rooms the night before Valentine’s Day so they will wake up to the balloons hanging above them and lots of fun notes to read.

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