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Why the Human Touch Still Matters.

It's 2019, and technology surrounds us every second of every day. We can order something online and have it delivered in a couple of hours - by drone. Self-driving cars are no longer the future, they're the present. And it's possible to buy a home without ever talking to a human.

But just because it's possible, does that mean it's the way it should be done? For most people, a home purchase is the largest investment they will ever make. Qualified applicants will often have several financing options available. Even if the technology allows someone to choose one of those options, where is the applicant supposed to turn for the genuine, personalized advice and guidance they need before moving forward?

That's where Loan Advocates at Spokane Federal Credit Union come in. Everyone has needs specific to their situation, and a real live Loan Advocate's help is infinitely more valuable and comforting than trying to find advice in an app or online.

So if you hear of someone who wants to jump into the DIY mortgage deep end, tell them how much easier their life can be when they have a human being only a phone call or email away, ready to help. Buying a home is one occasion when most people might be more comfortable seeing the glow of a Loan Advocate's smile than the glow of a computer or phone screen.

Call Spokane Federal at (509) 328-2900 to talk with a Loan Advocate or check out our home loan options and apply online today!

Our Home Loan Options

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