You've Got Mail

Ella Louise LOVES to get mail!  Every day she asks if there is any mail for her.  Most of the time our mailbox is just full of bills and marketing materials, but the other day there was something addressed to her.  I handed it to her to open thinking she would think it was boring and hand it right back.  But to my surprise she was fascinated.  It was her Spokane Federal Credit Union savings account statement!  Boy was she thrilled and full of questions!  How much is in it?  When did I get the account?  Do brothers have one?  Where is my money at?  Last but not least, "Can I bring my savings account statement to show and tell?”  See, I told you she was excited! 

She took her statement to preschool the next Friday and proudly showed it to her class.  She confidently answered questions from her teacher about her savings account.  It was so cute!  Afterwards, I did a little interview with her for your reading pleasure.  Gotta love a 5-year-old’s perspective!



Me: What did you get in the mail Ella?

Ella: A bank account!

Me: What’s a bank account?

Ella: Um, where you save money in the bank.


Me: How much money do you have?

Ella: Um, I forgot.


Me: How do you put money in the bank?

Ella: You go to the bank and you give them money.


Me: How do you get the money to put in the bank account?

Ella: Someone gives you it or like if you already have it from your birthday or like you can say, “I’ll trade you my 500 cents for your 800 cents.”


Me: What are you saving for?

Ella: I am saving for college money and to buy a new house or hotel room when I grow up and I am also saving to donate a toy to kids that don’t like any have toys.


Me: Heart melting. Proud Momma moment!


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