Person to Person Transfer (P2P)

Send money to anyone with just a cell phone number or e-mail

Have you ever wanted to pay a friend back for buying lunch but didn't have the cash with you?  Ever want to pay the babysitter but you forgot to get cash?  Don't like to write a check for that graduation gift?  We have the answer!  Our P2P transfer allows you to transfer money to anyone just by knowing their cell phone number or their e-mail address.

Follow these TWO easy steps:

First - Log into Home Banking and go to Transfers then Add People and follow the prompts.

Second - Go to Make a Transfer and choose which of your credit union accounts you want the money to transfer from, choose the recipient under the "other people" section of the drop down menu, then enter the amount you want to transfer! 

You're done!  The recipient will get a message that they have a PayPal™ payment waiting to be claimed and will follow the prompts from there.  If the person does not have a PayPal™ account they will be prompted to create a free account in order to access their money.

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