Spokane Federal Scholarships

We have Two Scholarships to Award!

If you're a graduating high school senior, a returning college student, or a non-traditional student who may be returning to school after some time off, you're eligible for one of the two scholarships we'll be awarding this year.

  • Matthew Stiltz Scholarship: $2,000
  • Additional Scholarship: $1,500

The only requirement is that you're a Spokane Federal member in good standing. If you're  not already a member, now's a great time to open an account!

*Spokane Federal employees, board members, and their family members are not eligible to enter. 

The Matthew Stiltz Scholarship

As parents, we begin making sacrifices for our children the moment we find out we're expecting; however, Mark and Terri Stiltz never dreamt they'd have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Their son, and Spokane Federal member, Matthew died on November 12, 2012 while performing his duties as part of Operation Enduring Freedom. He died from wounds received from indirect fire in Zerok, Afghanistan. He is a true American Hero. To honor our member Matthew, his sacrifice and his parents' sacrifice, we've named one of our two scholarships after him.

We recently honored the 5th anniversary of Matthew's death, and Mark and Terri's friends wanted to do something special to remember him by. They collected donations from their fellow employees at Providence HFH Respiratory and Sleep Lab (where Terri used to work) to help increase the funds of our 2018 Matthew Stiltz scholarship. They donated an extra $300 helping increase this scholarship award to $2,000. Thank you, Providence, for investing in the education of our youth and for this selfless donation to honor our member, Matthew. 

Our scholarships are closed. Come back again Spring 2019!

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