Teller Connect

Offering convenient and personalized service

We're all familiar with using an ATM, but like any technology, there's always a way to make it easier and more efficient to use.

Starting the week of April 22, you'll see our new Teller Connect platforms at our Drive-Up location, followed by our Main Branch in early June.

What are the benefits of Teller Connect?

We're implementing Teller Connect because it will help us increase our teller service hours and improve efficiency. Eventually, Teller Connect will allow us to expand our reach so you can have more convenient access to teller services. Don't worry - you'll still be served by OUR tellers that you know and love - just through a new video platform. 

Teller Connect allows you to:
  • Withdraw cash
  • Deposit checks
  • Make loan payments
  • Make transfers
  • Check balances
  • Do Shared Branching
  • FaceTime your favorite teller!

You will also be able to use Teller Connect as an ATM.

How we're keeping the human connection.

We know this transition will be hard for some members. We assure you, the friendly face-to-face interactions you're used to won't go away! Our employees will be at each branch to greet members and assist them in whatever needs they have - including learning how to use Teller Connect. Elvira, our incredible receptionist, will still be at our Main Branch welcoming members with her lovely smile and Member/Loan Advocates will continue to be available for all of your member service and lending needs.

We'll be there every step of the way as we introduce this new platform. Don't hesitate to reach out via phone at (509) 328-2900 if you have any questions.

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