The Main Branch teller line at 601 W. Mallon will be under construction May 6 - June 7 for enhancements. During the remodel, please visit the Drive-Up at 930 N. Howard. The Main Branch will still be open for Loan & Member Services.

Term Share Accounts 

Start Saving

Opening a Term Account simply means you leave your money with us for a set amount of time - like you would with a certificate of deposit. You can borrow against a Term Share account, but as with most fixed term investments, there can be a penalty for early withdrawal.

We compute your dividends every day and pay them monthly. Terms can range from as few as three months to as many as 36. Term Share accounts require a minimum deposit of $500 at opening.

Bump rate feature: If you notice dividend rates are increasing after you open a 12 month or longer Term Share, you can bump your dividend rate up one time during the term.

Add on feature: You can also do a one-time add on to your Term Share account. Call us or stop by to add a minimum of $500 to your account.

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