Member Testimonials

"Family & Friends for Life"

Don't just take our word for it - here's what our members have to say: 


"I love my credit union."

"We have been with SFCU for 50+ years and have had great service for all those years"

"Your staff is very friendly and kind, they really care and that goes a long way in today's world. :)"

"All the drive up staff know me by name and they're always great when we come in. They're like family."

"Good, friendly service - not just an account number. People call us by name when we come in. It's always a pleasure."

"I love the personalized feeling I get from SFCU. It's big enough to handle all my financial needs, yet small enough to make me feel like a family member or friend."

"The best customer service I have ever had! We deal with 4 banks between here and Montana. None of them treat us like Spokane Federal. We love you guys."

"Employees that truly care."

"The employees treat you like family."

"Spokane Federal Credit Union is a rare breed in today's lending environment. While other lenders seem to be driven by caution and justify how not to help people reach their financial goals. Spokane Federal bends over backwards to identify ways to meet the needs of their members."

"We love to come to the main branch instead of the drive up, which we used to use almost exclusively. It's the super friendly clerks and that Thomas Hammer Coffee! Thank you!"

"I have been a member for many years and have always been treated with the utmost respect in a timely manner and professionalism. The staff is always warm and friendly and attentive to my needs."

"I am always greeted with a warm, friendly atmosphere. The receptionist greets you as you come in and leave. The tellers are always accommodating with a warm smile."

"Everyone there treats you like family!"

"The best customer service I've ever received from any banking institution. Very personal."

"Great customer service, staff knows my name, love the holiday and summer club accounts, great credit union with great staff."

"Member services are outstanding! Receptionist remembers member names on sight and when calling."

"They act like I matter. They know my name. When I call I get a person. Yeah!"

"One stop shopping. I can fulfill all my financial needs at SFCU and the staff is extremely verse on services. They are friendly and seem like a family atmosphere."

"I brought my daughters both over to join and friends too. Each associate knows us all by name, gives professional help in a friendly manner and are an awesome group of folks!"

"Friendliness of service; feel more like a person not treated like a number."

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