Visa Prepaid Cards

Visa Prepaids can be used anywhere Visa is accepted

The Visa Prepaid card is a great alternative to having a traditional debit card or Travelers Checks.  It's great to use when you do a lot of online purchasing or if you want your teenager to have a debit card option.  This card has some of the same great features of a traditional Visa card but isn't tied directly to your checking account.  There are restrictions and fees associated with this card so make sure to read all of the fine print before you use it!


Visa Gift Cards

Gift cards you can use anywhere Visa is accepted

The Visa Gift Card is a convenient, secure and easy way to pay at retail stores and on the Internet. Some exclusions do apply: they cannot be used to pay at the pump, rent a car, secure a hotel room or get cash at an ATM. See the Visa Gift Card disclosure below for complete details.

Please see one of our main office Tellers for more information or give us a ring and ask to speak with Member Service at (509) 328-2900 or (800) 541-4310.

Visa Gift Card Disclosure     

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