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Youth Accounts

Tools to wise money management for the young people in our lives ... 

Fostering responsible money management, good saving habits, smart shopping skills and generosity are just a few of the lessons that we hope to share with our members so they can pass them on to the important kids and young adults in their lives. 

This account is designed to introduce your little one to the concepts of saving and the value of money. Features include:

Prize for a deposit
SpoFed Piggy bank 
Activity Book and crayons
Free coin counting

This account offers additional features to help your pre-teen/teen learn to spend and manage their money wisely. Features include:

Debit Card
Visa Rewards ScoreCard® with $500 limit
$15 gift card to or iTunes with first checking account
Water bottle
Free coin counting

This account is designed for the young adult who's heading out into the world of work or higher education. Features include:

Debit Card
Visa Rewards ScoreCard® with $500 limit
$100 gas card with first auto loan
Travel mug
Free coin counting

Email Member Service to open an account for your kiddo today!

Members under 18 must have joint account with an adult. Debit card, Visa Rewards ScoreCard® and auto loan eligibility may vary based on approved credit. Some restrictions may apply.