Apr 24

Pause before you make that purchase!

A financial tip that has stuck with me since my teen years was determining the ‘personal’ value of purchases. I can remember a time when I badly desired to have a new, expensive watch. My parents encouraged me to think of the $ ...Continue reading →

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Apr 22

Thank Your Piggy Bank!

Credit unions nationwide are celebrating National Credit Union Youth Week and we’re no exception. To get things started off on the right foot, we thought you’d enjoy this video we found. It’s certainly got a catchy tune! We hop ...Continue reading →

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Apr 19

2013 Annual Meeting

We had a wonderful time at our Annual Meeting last night. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and enjoyed the delicious cupcakes from Sweet Frostings Blissful Bakeshop and for the great conversations. We aren't sure which was ...Continue reading →

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Apr 18

Financial Advice That Provides Peace of Mind

A great piece of financial advice I received was to build and maintain at least $1,000 in emergency savings.  It provides peace of mind when the unexpected challenges and opportunities in life arise!  My finances always improve ...Continue reading →

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Apr 02

Join us at the SCRAPS Auction!

Meet Presley!  His pack leader is Deb, Spokane Federal Credit Union's Graphic Designer.  He wants to invite you to join us at the SCRAPS Reigning Cats and Dogs Auction.  He would also like a bone.  Ruff!     Reig ...Continue reading →

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