A New Chapter

Well, the time has come for me to put down my books and papers…and put on my cap and gown! People always used to tell me that college was going to be the best time of my life. I totally believed them, but I didn’t understand the extent of how much it would truly shape my life until now. As I travel back through my four years of college I am filled with abundant memories. I’ve experienced many more trials and tribulations in college than I’ve accumulated throughout my whole life, but I’ve also gained some of the most rewarding and fulfilling moments too. You are forced to study, sleep, go to class, eat, be social, relax and yet somehow be able to balance all of these in an entirely new atmosphere. But the more I felt challenged, the more motivated I was to rise to the occasion. It is all about willpower and holding yourself to your highest standards. You owe it to yourself to come out of college the best that you can be. Personally, my college adventure led me to a more independent, vulnerable, happy, hard working, open-minded and confident lifestyle. I am truly blessed by this experience and plan on taking all that I’ve absorbed into the next stages of my life. From a professional and scholarly viewpoint, I hope to apply what I’ve learned in college to my new position with Spokane Federal Credit Union as the new Marketing Coordinator! Thank you for such a wonderful four years and for allowing me to share my experiences with you. I am so grateful!


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