All By Myself

Well, as I write this it is day two of all three of my kids in full-day school.  A day I thought would never come and also a day I was dreading all at the same time.

My oldest Ty started middle school and is loving it!  It was weird for me as he walked down the street without me on his first day.  No walking with him to school.  No pictures outside the school.  So hard to let go but so fun to watch him grow into his own, confident little person.  Looking forward to his first band concert, first sports event, and his first mixer.  I asked him if he wanted me to chaperone his mixers and he replied, “what is a mixer?”  I told him it’s a dance where boys and girls stand on opposite ends of the gym.  Haha!

My middle kiddo Jack is now in 3rd grade.  He was the only one I wasn’t dreading dropping off because he wasn’t starting a new school like my other two.  Go figure, he’s the only one I shed tears over when I left him.  He’s always had his big brother at elementary school to look out for him and now Jack IS the big brother.  Big changes.  He’s absolutely loving it and I can’t wait to see where this year takes him.

And lastly my baby Ella started Kindergarten!  Holy cow, I just gave birth to her yesterday, how the heck is she already in full-day school?!?   She was SO ready though.  As I went to walk her to school on her first day she turned around and said, “Mom, you don’t need to walk me to school.  I know where I am going!”  Talk about the confident last child of the family.  I did indeed walk her to school and into her class and didn’t even need my sunglasses on as I left to cover my red eyes.  She is exactly where she needs to be.  But man do I miss having my little friend around all day.

So now I adjust to a new normal. I know one thing for sure, there is lots of school volunteering in my future!  After being with kids for so many years, I miss being around them.  Happy school year to all the mamas and dads out there!  May this school year be good to you and your kiddos!

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