Being Bored

I came across this blog post on Facebook the other night and I felt like it was speaking directly at me.  It talked about kids always wanting to be entertained and how as parents we feel the need to make our kids' lives "fun".  I am totally guilty of it, especially during the summer when we have lots of time together to go do "fun stuff".   But entertaining kids all day can be exhausting both physically and mentally (not to mention monetarily!)  Plus it leaves you with little to no time to get things done (you know, the “real fun” stuff like laundry and bills).

The moral of the story is that it is okay for your kids to be bored.  Boredom inspires creativity.  I put this theory to the test last week.  We had a day with no appointments, errands or plans to do anything.  We stayed home and I made my to-do list of chores for myself and the kids.  After they were done with their work, the complaining began.  “I’m bored!” “What are we going to do today?” “Can we do something fun?”  And then all of a sudden, the complaining subsided and I looked over to see they were all working together building the largest living room fort I have ever seen.  I had nothing to do with it- they did it all on their own and had a blast doing it!  They spent the rest of the afternoon playing in their fort.  It was perfect.

Don’t worry, our summer will still be filled with many fun activities.  But I am glad we all figured out that “being bored” isn't so bad after all!

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krista's house fort

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