Chelsea the Christmas Elf

As we all know, Santa likes reading letters from children all around the world, but hes a very busy man in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and hes got a lot on his list to do! Fortunately, hes got his elves to help out, and they do more than just make toys! Meet Chelsea, SpoFeds own personal elf representative. Not only does she want to read your letter on Santas behalf, she would love to write you back a response as well! Do you have a question for Santa, or are you wondering about what things are like at the North Pole? Ask away Chelsea has an answer for you!

Feel free to drop off or mail letters to:

Spokane Federal Credit Union

Attention: Christmas Elf

601 W. Mallon

Spokane, WA 99201

And dont forget to include your name and address we want to make sure that Chelseas reply gets to you in time for the holidays!


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