Kindness Can Go A Long Way

Kids can easily turn holiday time into “everything is about me” time.  Ella recently went through the Toys R Us ad and circled everything she was “getting” for Christmas.  They often talk too much about what they “want” and not enough about giving to others. Here are some fun ways you and your family can get into the Christmas spirit and maybe teach your kids some valuable lessons along the way.  I know I plan on making some of these a priority this season!

1.       Drive around the neighborhood and leave candy canes on door handles.

2.       Hold the door open for someone.

3.       Tape a note and $1 to a vending machine.

4.       Smile at as many people as you can.

5.       Write a note to someone and hide it where they will find it.

6.       Make dinner for a busy family that could use a break.

7.       Share something with a friend.

8.       Do a chore without being asked.

9.       When checking out at grocery store, ask cashier what their favorite candy is and buy it    for them.

10.   Thank someone for loving you.

11.   Tell someone about a happy memory you have with them.

12.   Make someone’s Christmas dream come true.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!


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