Meet the Author!

Member B. Emmett Jackson has been up to much more than just average every day activities, he's been indulging his creative side by making his imagination come to life and publishing his very first book titled Oscar, Jerome & Otis O.Kay.

Oscar, Jerome and Otis O.Kay
The book entails a king, a search for dragons, and an unexpected friendship. It's everything you'd hope a children's book should be—filled with a heartwarming story line and colorful illustrations created by Dave Steenhard.

Bruce wanted to share his story and excitement with the SFCU community so he offered to come in for a book reading!

This event will include a free book for every child that joins us, a riveting story to ignite their imaginative thinking, free carousel tickets and snacks to go along with!

When? Wednesday, June 24th at 11:00 a.m.
Where? Our main branch
Cost? Free
Fun level? Exceeds expectations

Bruce and his book

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