Momcents Made the News!

I was recently asked to talk to a local mom about teaching her kids how to Christmas shop on a budget and it aired on the local evening news. (Click here to view the footage.)  I was a nervous wreck but it ended up being super fun! First we talked about helping her kids learn to split their money into the three categories of spend, save and share throughout the year with the awesome Moon Jar bank (available for free at the credit union!) Then we chatted about some tips she can give her boys when they want to buy a gift for someone. Here are the main ideas we talked about when talking to kids about holiday shopping:
1. Have your kids make a list of who they would like to buy for and how much they want to spend and stick to it. It’s easy to get out shopping and go crazy (even as adults) so it’s a good lesson to learn early on.

2. If they are old enough, have them do a little research at home. If they want to buy their brother a certain toy, let them look though the Sunday ads or online so they can figure out a reasonable price.
3. You may have to help them out a bit and that’s okay. Maybe they didn’t figure in tax or left someone special off their list, these are all teachable moments and you helping them out with a few bucks won’t take away from the important lesson. This is especially true with the younger ones that are still trying to figure out how everything works.
4. In the end, it’s always the thought that counts! If they don’t have a lot of money to spend, take them to the Dollar Store or the clearance rack. Some of my favorite gifts from my kids are a bird statue and a huge piece of costume jewelry. They aren’t particularly my style, but the fact that my kids picked them out just for me warms my heart. This is where homemade gifts come into play also, you can never go wrong with something made with love!

Happy shopping to all of my readers and their kiddos! Have fun!

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