Morning Madness

School mornings can be a bit daunting.† Some mornings itís a miracle I get myself ready let alone three little people too.† But there are a few things I always do to ensure our mornings wonít be complete chaos.

1.†††††† I lay out the kidsí clothes the night before.† Everything except the shoes which they can slip on before we run out the door.† Sometimes I let the kids help me pick out what they want to wear and sometimes I donít, it just depends on the day.

2.†††††† We figure out lunch plans the night before.† Who wants hot lunch and who wants cold?† That way I know to allow a little more time in the morning if lunches need to be made.† And sometimes I try to convince them to take hot lunch on the crazy mornings!† ďAre you sure you donít want chicken nuggets and orange smiles for lunch?Ē J† Haha.

3.†††††† Backpacks are loaded and ready to go (besides lunches) the night before too.† Library books that need to be returned, homework, show and tell- you name it, I donít want to be looking for it 5 minutes before we have to be out the door!

4.†††††† Easy breakfast food is always on hand: toast, cereal, yogurt, frozen waffles and pancakes.† This way breakfast takes minutes to prepare and saves me a lot of time.† Thatís not to say I donít whip up eggs and bacon or cinnamon rolls every now and then.† (See my favorite cinnamon roll time saver here.)

If all of these things are in place, there is less rushing, less nagging and more time for a cup of coffee and enjoying some time with my kiddos before they head out the door for the day.† Oh, and I might get a shower too!


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