Mother's Day

I can hardly believe I am about the celebrate my 11th Mother’s Day!  I know what you are thinking, I don’t look old enough to be on my 11th Mother’s Day- haha!  Or maybe that’s not what you are thinking, but I’ll go with it.  Mother’s Day is certainly a special day for me and all the other mom’s I know.  Some of my favorite Mother’s Day memories have actually become traditions.  For example, my daughter and I have a special lunch date the week of Mother’s Day to celebrate all the wonderful women and role models in my life (that live here locally).  We meet up with my grandma, mom, aunt and sister and exchange little gifts and chat about girly things, no boys allowed.  It’s a great time that I always look forward to.  On the actual holiday, I prefer to do something with the ones that made me a mom in the first place- my kids!!!  Last year we picnicked in the park and then BBQ’d dinner at home.  A totally low-keyed and family filled day, just the way I like it!

As far as mother’s day gifts go, my absolute favorites are the ones the kids made.  Whether it be a necklace, craft, or questionnaire they filled out at school (my favorite was Ty in Kindergarten, when asked, “what does your mom do all day?” he answered “drink coffee and watch Let’s Make a Deal”.  Lol!)  I also love when they go shopping for me.  Last year my husband took them to Target and they each got to pick out something for me.  Ella picked out a sun dress, Jack picked out earrings and Ty got me my favorite candy and a coffee gift card.  I loved knowing they picked out the gifts all by themselves! 

Happy Mother’s Day to all my readers! 

Click here for a fun, printable questionnaire for kids to fill out for their mom!

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