New Year, New Calm

Itís 2015 and the holiday season is behind us.† I love the holidays but even though I try my best to not stress and simplify everything- itís just a busy, busy, busy time of year.† Now that itís January, I feel like I have time to breathe.† Time to slow down.† Time to enjoy the little things in life.

The other morning I had a dance party with my three year old daughter Ella in my bathroom.† PJís and all.† A few nights ago our kids did an impromptu talent/magic show for us, using our bedroom curtains and window bench as a stage.† I met my sister for lunch yesterday and have made plans to catch up with old friends later this month.† I enjoyed a spur-of-the moment hot chocolate date with neighbors.† Iíve cleaned out some closets and drawers and had time to cook nice dinners for my family.

Thereís still homework, swim lessons, doctor appointments, basketball, Cub Scouts etc., life goes on!†† But so far Iím loving 2015 and hoping to keep a little of this calm throughout the year.

Wishing you all a calm 2015 also!

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