Spring Break

Spring break is next week and we donít have any plans.† No trips. No activities. No vacations. Well, we do have dentist appointments for all three kids one morning- definitely not my idea of a vacation!† But since that is our only plan I guess we will have a bit of a ďstaycationĒ.† Iíve been making a list of some fun activities we might do with the kids to fill the week and make it memorable.† Who says you canít have fun at home?

Spring Break 2014 Agenda

  • †Pajama day- thatís right, the ultimate lazy day!

  • Visit as many parks as we can on the nice days

  • Set up tent for a ďCampoutĒ in the basement- símores required

  • Movie marathon with lots of popcorn

  • Bowling

  • Miniature golfing

  • Visit and ride the carousel in downtown Spokane

  • Walk around the mall- Groupon already purchased for the pretzel shop :)

Ultimately, Iím just looking forward to spending time with my family.† We may not have a fancy vacation planned this year, but we have each other.† And really, thatís all the matters!




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