The Unsung Heroes: A Visit to the Spokane County Emergency Communications Center

Many times when we think of heroes we think of firefighters, police officers and doctors. After all, they always seem to be there to assist in times of trouble. They have a big job, and they embrace their duties and responsibilities with willingness and expertise. Their service is appreciated in many ways, especially in our community.

When thinking about heroes, one group that is often times overlooked are our emergency call receivers.  They are usually the first point of contact during an emergency. They typically jump into a situation, over the phone, often times while the situation is still taking place or just after it is over and emotions are still at an extremely high level. These folks maintain their composure, provide specific instructions to guide callers and work their hardest to ensure the best possible outcome in all situations.

Recently, we took a trip to the Spokane County Emergency Communications Center. We were able to tour the facility, learn about their specific job functions and get a glimpse into what their day looks like. The profession that they have chosen provides many challenges day in and day out. As a credit union, we wanted them to know that we appreciate what they do. We brought pizza, drinks and snacks with us. We were also available to answer any questions about finances, credit unions and their specific situations. Many of the employees stopped by and chatted with us and asked great questions. With such an important job, we want to make sure that their financial needs are being met and that we are doing our best to help them achieve their financial goals.

One employee stated that her job as an emergency call receiver was “challenging but unbelievably rewarding”.  As a credit union and a community, we would like to take a quick minute and thank the fine people on the other end of the phone that work so hard to help us and keep us safe. We can’t wait until our next visit!

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