Treat Your Dad for Father's Day!

We're willing to bet that your dad is special to you.  This Father's Day, why not tell him just how special he is by writing him a letter.  Our printable letter is kid friendly so you can get the entire family involved and show him some love.   Click here:  Fathers Day Letter

Our Business Development Officer, Ed, is a father of two and sent us some really sweet words about being a dad to Pike (left) and Brynn (right). It's a great read!

Being a Dad-Waking Up is the Best Part

ed and kids

As the sun begins to rise and the dawn of the new day starts to infiltrate my early morning thoughts, I sometimes think about some of the sounds I hear. Some of these sounds are enough to get you right out of bed and some are peaceful and soothing enough to push me right back into the realm of deep sleep. These sounds I speak of are not birds chirping or the breeze flowing through my bedroom window, but are the sounds of my two young children starting their day and being excited to see what awaits them.

Sometimes it is the cooing and small quiet giggles of my 12 week old. Other times it is the feeling of knowing someone is watching you closely, followed by the whisper of “Dad, can I have a breakfast bar?” the breakfast of choice of my 4 year old. These sounds are rather pleasant to wake up to, but at times they can be a little jarring and can leave my heart racing at 100 miles per hour.

Regardless of the way I wake up, I get excited to know that we will spend valuable time together learning a new skill, playing cars or simply just talking to each other. Each day, I tell myself “if I only had another 20 minutes of sleep”, but the second I wake up and get out of bed, the thought disappears into the world of pure joy and excitement.

Being a Dad is one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me, and I wouldn’t change a thing about any aspect of my life. While there are times that are trying, I realize I have an important role in shaping the future and outlook for my children. This in itself gives me the motivation to push through any situation that arises. The raw emotion these little people show is extremely inspiring and requires a large of amount of attention to truly be aware of their wants, needs and feelings throughout the day. Nothing, however, is better than the look in their eyes when you see you have satisfied something they are yearning for.

Each night before I go to bed, I have a feeling that is reminiscent of many of my childhood Christmas Eves spent eagerly awaiting the morning. I know something very joyful and exciting is about to happen in just a few short hours. I am not quite sure of what it might be, but I know it is going to be good. I make myself fall asleep. In what seems like a few minutes later, I am awakened by the best sound ever: my children beginning their day. For me, waking up is the best part of my day.

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