What Really Matters: A Look at Father's Day.

Polka dot tie from Mens Wearhouse: $40
Tool kit from Ace hardware: $70
A nice day at Huntington Park: Priceless

Fatherís Day is coming up pretty soon and instead of getting your dad just another plain olí tie or trinket, get him something that is completely priceless!

The other day on my way down to the Lilac Parade, I stopped by the new Huntington Park. It. Is. BEAUTIFUL! Itís the perfect place to take your dad and hang out, chat or just enjoy the view. There are also some awesome restaurants nearby like Anthonyís or Rock City Grill. YUM.

Here's a little peak of the amazing view!

Huntington Park Video

Also, while youíre downtown, stop by the Credit Union and tell us why your dad is the best! Your entry will be put into a contest to win an awesome Fatherís Day basket full of sauces, snacks, tools and much more.

Be sure to make June 15th a rockiní day for all your dads out there!

Cheers to an incredible day with even more incredible dads!

For more information about Huntington Park, visit†http://bit.ly/1oJnnvw

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