Flexible, Convenient Visa Cards.


We think you should choose a card that can offer you the best interest rates and features that fit your lifestyle.

Spokane Federal Visa uChoose Rewards 

  • Non-variable rate as low as 9.90% APR*
  • No annual fee.
  • Real-time fraud security alerts.
  • Earn one rewards point for every qualifying dollar spent in net retail purchases. 
    • Earn bonus points by shopping at specific retailers. Find this list on the uChoose website under Earn Points > All Offers (after signing in)
  • Choose from reward options that are most meaningful to you. Redeem your points for cash back, gift cards, merchandise, travel and event tickets.
  • No minimum number of points required. You can apply any points you have and make up the rest in cash, with no fees.
  • The Householding feature allows anyone living at the same address to combine points to earn rewards faster. You can set this up on the uChoose website.  
  • Are you carrying a balance on a high-interest credit card at another financial institution? When you open your new Visa uChoose Rewards, we'll give you double points on the amount you transfer.
  • Redeem your points at or call 1-800-254-0206.
    • We recently switched to this new rewards program. View our uChoose Q&A blog for information about the transition.


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*Annual Percentage Rate may vary based on approved credit. Non-variable rates range from 9.90% APR to 18% APR.

Spokane Federal Visa Classic Card

  • Variable rate as low as 9.50% APR*
  • No annual fee
  • Real-time fraud security alerts 


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*Annual Percentage Rate may vary based on approved credit. Variable rates range from 9.50% APR to 18% APR.
If your card is stolen or lost:

If there is any doubt in your mind about whether your card is safe, please call 1-833-221-8684

If you receive a phone call from 1-800-279-2674, this is our card monitoring service. If you'd like to call them back, please call 1-877-253-8964.

If you have a disputed transaction on your debit or credit card, please call 833-221-8685 for assistance. 

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